User Guides

The user guides listed below give you a general overview of how to use a specific part of the Quercus system. The guides are intended for end-users of the system.

Describes the new workflow automation facilities in the Quercus 8.2.1 release
A short guide to the new Case Manager functions. Case Manager is part of the new 8.2 release of Quercus.
How to complete your DHLE statutory returns.
This guide describes how to install the shopping cart JavaScript plug-in for Ellucian Quercus Release 8.4.3.
This guide describes the Employer Bookings module. The Employer Bookings module allows you to better serve the requirements of employers who wish to outsource training and other professional development activities to your organisation.
A guide to the Exam Boards and Assessment module. This module allows you to record the assessment results for students via the results entry process and to review and ratify student grades via the exam board process.
How to set up and maintain a modular curriculum. The guide explains the concept of the ‘flexible’ curriculum, which can span several academic sessions, as well as the traditional curriculum based upon the academic year.
How to complete your KIS statutory returns.
This user guide describes identity management options in Quercus 8.3
ILR Returns can now be entered via the Quercus user interface.
Provides an overview of the Quercus Lifecycle modules and describes how they fit together to manage interactions at each stage of the student lifecycle
This guide describes the installation and deployment of JasperReports Server, which forms the basis of the Ellucian Quercus embedded reporting solution.
A short summary of the new features in Quercus 8.1
The Postgraduate Management module allows you to manage the progress of a postgraduate student who is following a study‑path based around the production of a piece of original scholarship, such as a PhD thesis.
A short guide to the Programme Manager module. This allows you to add courses and modules through the new Quercus 8.2 interface.
The Online Results Entry service allows academic staff to enter students’ level-4 exam and assessment results directly online. Information entered through the Online Results Entry service then flows into the student record system.
The Control Centre allows you to customise Quercus 8 to meet the needs of your organisation. It allows you to select the services you want to deploy and to configure a range of settings and parameters connected with these services.
This user guide describes the new features in the Quercus 8.3.0 release.
An introduction to Quercus updated for the 8.2 release. This guide covers the structure and general operating principles of Quercus and describes the Quercus Core modules.
Provides the same links as the equivalent page in the old CampusIT Connect documentation pages. Note that the topics in these PDFs are not included in the search index.
Smart Links are a special type of intelligent link which can appear on any screen within Quercus. This guide describes how Smart Links work and how to create your own custom Smart Links. The information has been updated to cover the enhancements for the 8.1 release.