Systems Modification and Support Guide<>

Systems Modification and Support introduction

Purpose of this manual

The purpose of the document is to:

identify elements of the CampusIT solution that customers can configure or customise to meet their specific needs

provide an understanding of the skills required to configure or customise the solution

outline CampusIT’s position regarding support for specific configurations or customisations

What is configuration?

Configuration refers to the setting of database values which:

enable or disable particular core application functions

determine how data is displayed and accessed

Configuration requires you to set static database parameter values. It does not involve writing dynamic code (such a SQL queries or programming scripts) or creating external resources (such as XLIFF files).

What is customisation?

Customisation refers to the development of resources and services which enhance or extend core application functions, for example:

developing reports which are specific to your organisation

branding the application with custom stylesheets and graphics

integrating Quercus with third-party applications via the Quercus integration architecture or application APIs

Customisation may require you to write SQL queries, programming scripts or to create other forms of custom content such as XSLT data transformations, CSS stylesheets or XLIFF localisation resource files. You will need to document, manage and version these resources yourself.

Audience for this manual

Business roles

This manual is for IT support staff and system administrators responsible for the deployment, support and maintenance of the QuercusPlus and QuercusLive products.

Learning prerequisites

Readers of this manual should be familiar with the basic operation of the QuercusLive Control Centre and QuercusForms.