Systems Modification and Support Guide<>

Support for configuration and customisation



CampusIT is responsible for maintenance of:

QuercusPlus database schema

QuercusLive database schema

core QuercusPlus applications

QuercusLive Control Centre

Quercus application APIs

Quercus web services

technical and end-user documentation relating to:

the core system as delivered

customisations and configurations made by CampusIT


The customer is responsible for:

ensuring that requisite skills are available to perform desired configuration and customisation

testing and implementing modifications

implementing a formal sign-off process — including business and technical sign-off

technical and end-user documentation relating to customisations and configurations implemented by the customer

Guidance when amending and maintaining source code

Avoid any modifications to CampusIT’s product baseline.

Keep a copy of the source code in a secure place.

Provide source code, documentation and adequate technical support to CampusIT when requesting support from CampusIT on officially supported APIs.

Compile source code (when relevant).

Perform integration, functional and regression testing.

Keep documentation about non-standard software in use and make it available to CampusIT Helpdesk when requested.

Modify/upgrade/rewrite source code when CampusIT API or database structures change.

Modify/upgrade/rewrite source code for new releases of Oracle database and application server.