System Administration Guides

System administration guides provide the technical information required to configure Quercus applications and to integrate with other enterprise systems. The guides are aimed at system administrators and programmers and may assume some prior technical expertise.

Shows how the Quercus Live Link feed can be used to add dynamic links to a WordPress installation. PHP codes samples are included — the technique can be adapted for use with any PHP-based web CMS.

Parameters Reference
Quercus Control Centre Parameters Reference

Many aspects of the configuration and behaviour of QuercusPlus and QuercusLive are determined by the settings of parameters that can be accessed through the QuercusPlus Control Centre. This guide provides a summary of these parameters.
Quercus for Students is a web portal for students which gives access to information about the student’s courses and shows the services enabled for the student. This guide also covers the Quercus Mobile application — a version of the web portal optimised for smart phones and similar mobile devices.
An overview of the Quercus Message Link. Message Link supports message driven integration between Quercus and other corporate systems using event-driven service oriented architecture (SOA). This guide also covers how you can access and configure the Message Link REST web services.
An overview of the Quercus Message Link Monitor. Message Link Monitor provides a graphic interface to the Quercus Message Link integration component, allowing you to configure and view the various message queues.

QuercusPlus Installation
QuercusPlus 8.0 Installation Guide

How to install QuercusPlus. For CampusIT staff and experienced Oracle Database administrators.

Application roles
QuercusPlus System Administrator’s Guide to Application Roles

An application role specifies which screens a role-member can access within the QuercusPlus Classic Interface and which options he or she can access. This guide describes the various application roles and lists the screens that are accessible to a user with that role.

Systems Modification and Support
Systems Modification and Support Guide

Identifies elements of the CampusIT solution that customers can configure or customise to meet their specific needs. Also provides an overview of the skills required to configure or customise the solution.