QuercusPlus 8.0 Installation Guide<>

Oracle WebUtil installation

WebUtil is a utility which is required for the document management facility. Two components are required:

Database (see section 7.1).

Application Server (see section 7.2).

WebUtil database installation


The following are required prior to installation:

SQL*Plus Connection to QuercusPlus database instance.

Quercus and System User Password.

The create_webutil_db.sql script available from $ORACLE_HOME_LOCATION\forms.

Installation steps

1Connect to the database as the SYSTEM user.

2Create a user called webutil identified by webutil.

Oracle recommends creating a webutil user to be the owner of the webutil_db package.

3Grant CONNECT, CREATE SESSION and RESOURCE to the webutil user.

4Connect to the database as the WEBUTIL user.

5Run the script create_webutil_db.sql to create the webutil_db package.

6Grant execute on webutil_db to the QUERCUS user and QUERCUS_USER role.

7Connect to the database as the SYSTEM user.

8Create public synonym webutil_db for webutil.webutil_db.

The Forms PL/SQL code refers to the package as webutil_db without a schema prefix.

9Create a user called quercus_web identified by <<PASSWORD>>. This user is used by the Application Server Data Access Descriptor (DAD).

10Grant CONNECT, CREATE SESSION to the quercus_web user.

11Connect to the database as the QUERCUS user.

12Grant execute on the get_document procedure to the quercus_web user; this will be used for viewing files.

13Lock the webutil account:

alter user webutil account lock;

WebUtil application server configuration

The configuration of webutil is largely complete by default on Oracle Fusion Middleware however there are a few configuration steps that you must go through to finalise the configuration.

To configure WebUtil for the application server

1At the Command Prompt run the command:

frmcmp module=$ORACLE_HOME_LOCATION\forms\webutil.pll userid=quercus/quercus@<DATABASE_SID>
module_type=library compile_all=yes

Warning: Webutil.pll must be regenerated before use.

2Edit the webutil.cfg file in the directory $ORACLE_INSTANCE_HOME/config/FormsComponent/forms/server by setting the transfer.database.enabled property to TRUE. This allows the transfer of files to and from the database.

3Using Enterprise Manager, set up a Data Access Descriptor (DAD) for the quercus_web user.

To set up a Data Access Descriptor (DAD) for a quercus_web user

1Open Enterprise Manager for Fusion Middleware Control.

2Click ohs1 link in the web tier section.

3In the pick-list select Administration > Advanced Configuration.

4In the drop-down list select the dads.conf file and click Go.

5Add the following to the config file:

<Location /pls/quercus>
SetHandler pls_handler
Order allow,deny
Allow from All
AllowOverride None
PlsqlDatabaseUsername quercus_web
PlsqlDatabasePassword quercus_web
PlsqlDatabaseConnectString cit-qtest8-db:1521:qtest8 SIDFormat
PlsqlSessionStateManagement StatelessWithResetPackageState
PlsqlAlwaysDescribeProcedure Off

6Click Apply.

7Restart the HTTP server.