QuercusPlus 8.0 Installation Guide<>

Address software integration

QuercusPlus can be quickly integrated with a number of web service address software solutions. QuercusPlus has full support for the following solutions:

Experian QAS Quick Address Pro V5.2

AFD Postcode Plus Version 6.6.31

Capscan Matchcode 5

Integration with QuercusPlus is a two stage process. First, install and configure the address software on your chosen server (refer to the vendors installation notes for details). Secondly, update two parameters in the QuercusPlus database providing details of the address software used and the URL used to invoke the service.

To update the parameters in QuercusPlus

1Open a SQL session.

2Connect to the QuercusPlus database as the QUERCUS user.

3Run the following commands:

Update oc_parameter oc
set oc.value_string = <<address software type>>
where oc.parameter = ‘QAS_SERVER_TYPE’;

the available <<address software type>> values are QAS, AFD and CAP

Update oc_parameter oc
set oc.value_string = <<address service URL>>
where oc.parameter = ‘QAS_SERVER_URL’;

the <<address service URL>> is the URL that the address software operates on. This URL is presented to you at the end of the address software installation.

4Type COMMIT to save the changes.

5Test the integration through QuercusPlus.