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The Quercus Core modules

What are the Quercus Core modules?

The Quercus Core modules provide the essential record-management functionality that lies at the heart of Quercus. The Core modules allow you to:

maintain your student records

maintain details of courses and modules

link students to courses

maintain attendance records

maintain exam details and exam results

In addition to the record-management functionality Quercus Core provides a way to configure some of the general operational characteristics of Quercus, such as which users have access to which functions and which data records.

They are called the Core modules because all Quercus implementations require these modules. They are not optional.

The Quercus Core modules are:

the Students module

the Courses module

the Modules module

Maintain student records

Quercus allows you to maintain student records. A student record includes the personal details of the student, details of the the student’s curriculum, attendance record, academic history, financial transactions and exam results.

Maintain details of courses and modules

Quercus allows you to maintain details of the courses and modules that form the student curriculum. A course is an academic programme designed to accomplish a range of pedagogical objectives in a particular area of speciality: usually leading to a qualification such as a degree or diploma.

A module is a component part of a course. A module’s focus is narrower than that of a course and usually concentrates on a specific component of the wider pedagogical narrative. The structure of a particular course may require that students study particular combinations of modules in a specific sequence. This structure is known in Quercus as a curriculum.

Link students to courses

Quercus allows you to associate students with courses. In other words, you can specify which course a student is studying. In addition, Quercus allows you to record details of the student’s curriculum — so you can record which of the modules within the course the student is studying.

Maintain attendance records

View class lists

Quercus allows you to to view the class list of any module. You can print out the list, browse details of the students in the class and send out emails or SMS texts to any or all of the class members.

» For information about accessing class lists see Modules tab and Students tab.

Maintain student’s attendance records

Quercus allows you to view and mark student’s attendance records.

» For information about marking student’s attendance records see tendanc and Calendar.

Communicate with student’s via email and SMS

Quercus allows you to send individual or group emails and SMS texts to students.

» For information about sending emails and SMS texts see Communication tab.