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Quercus My Profile screen

The My Profile screen

The My Profile screen allows you to view and manage your own personal details within the system, your password, and your employment details.

To access the My Profile screen

Click the My Profile link at the top of the screen.

Browsing your profile

When you click the My Profile link the My Profile screen opens.

In the upper part of the screen the following personal details are displayed:


First name

ID number

Date of birth


Home and Term time addresses

You have the option to edit this information if the details are incorrect or have changed.

In addition the screen displays your employment history with any of the organisations associated with your institution. You cannot edit these details directly from the My Profile screen. If you need to edit these details you can do so from the Organisation link on the Home screen.

To edit the personal information shown on the My Profile screen

1Click the Edit My Profile button.

2Edit the data you wish to change.

3If you want to upload a new photograph click the Choose File button in the Photo field and choose a photograph.

4Click Save.

To edit the employment history shown on the My Profile screen

Note: you cannot edit employment history directly from the My Profile screen.

1From the Home screen click the Organizations button

2Use the Search options to locate the organisation containing the relevant part of your employment record.

3Use the Staff Search options to locate your own record in the list.

4Click the View icon to view details of your record.

5Click the Edit button to edit record details.

Edit My Profile

To do this click the Edit My Profile button. Once you have amended your details, click the Save button.

Change Password

This option (if enabled) allows you to manage your own password. Click the Change Password button to access the option.

Enter your current password then the new password, confirm this and click Save.

Note: This feature is optional and may be disabled using the Control Centre.