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Quercus Modules area

The Modules tab

The Modules area brings all the details of your institution’s modules together into a single place. Within the Modules area you can:

search for modules

view details of the modules

enter attendance records for a given module

To access the Modules tab

Click the Modules button on the top-bar


Click the Modules Smart Link on the Home screen

The Modules search screen has two options:

view module details

view or enter attendance details

You choose from these options by selecting one of the options at the top of the opening screen.

Viewing module details

To view module details, select the Modules radio button at the top of the screen.

Searching for a module

You can search for a module by module code or description, session, tutor or status (approved, open, closed, etc.).

To search for a module

1If you know the module code or description enter it in the Module field.

You can enter just the first few letters or use the % wildcard character to match patterns.


PHY would match PHY001, Physics, Geophysics, Geography, Photography and so on.

G%PHY would match Geophysics and Geography.

2Use the Academic Year pick-list to restrict the search to a particular year.

3Click Search.

A list of modules matching your search criteria is displayed.

You can sort the list by clicking the relevant column heading.

Browsing module information

Once you have found the module you are interested in you can browse its details.

To browse information about a module

1In the module list, click a View icon to view the course information.

2Browse the information by clicking the appropriate tabs. These are:

Students tab

Allows you to view details of the module’s class list

» For more information about this option see Students tab

Assessments tab

Allows you to view details of assessments associated with the module

Staff tab

Allows you to view details of staff associated with the module

» For more information about this option see Staff tab

Documents tab

Lists any documents associated with the module

Department tab

Lists any departments attached to the module

Attendance tab

Lists any attendance records associated with the module (these can also be accessed through the route described below)

Viewing attendance details

To view attendance details, select the Attendance radio button at the top of the screen.

The attendance option allows you to manage, view and mark attendance record. Attendance can be also be accessed through Attendance tab if you choose the Modules option (see above) or the Calendar function (see Calendar. You can search for attendance records that need marking or view completed registers.

To access the Attendance tab

Click the Attendance tab.

Browsing attendance records

You can search on the following fields:

Tutorial — enter all, or a fragment, of a tutorial description or module code

Group — select an attendance group

From and To — select from and to dates

Status — enter the status of the attendance register — options are uncompleted or all

Once you have entered your criteria click the search button and the attendance registers are listed.

If you click an Edit button you will be taken to a screen to enter the attendance for the group on the day in question.

The screen allows you to mark a student as present or absent. If the student is absent you can choose a reason (the reasons are maintained through the Quercus Classic Interface). You can also view the last four weeks of attendance for the student and add a note to the attendance record.

Once you have completed the attendance marking you have two options:

Finish Later — allows you to come back and re-mark and make any change if needs be

Submit Attendance — saves the details to the database and you can only then change or update them if the details are released from the Quercus software.

You also have the following options available on this screen:

message the students

view the audit trail that relates to that register

print the class list (link in the Tasks panel)

download the class list to a spreadsheet (link at the foot of the list)

edit the tutorial.

If you choose to edit the tutorial details you will be taken to the following screen:

You can now update and manage the tutorial data; this will include updating




Start and end times

Once you have changed the information click the Save button.

Communicate tab

This tab allows a user to compose an email or SMS message to send to some or all students. This is carried out by choosing the email or SMS option, creating your message, and selecting the students (a group or an individual) you wish to send the communication to.

» For more information about this option see Communication tab.


The audit functionality displays when the register was changed, who did it and what they did to it. From the message and audit tabs you have the option to update the attendance group details.