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Quercus Courses area

The Courses area

The Courses area brings all the details of your institution’s courses together into a single place. Within the Courses area you can:

search for a course

» see Searching for a course

browse course information

» see Browsing course information

view the modules associated with the course

» see Modules tab

view the course and module class lists

» see Students tab

view which students on the course still have payments outstanding

» see Debtors tab

message students on the course via email or SMS texts

» see Communication tab

To access the Courses tab

Click the Courses tab.


Click the Courses Smart Link on the Home screen

Searching for a course

You can search for a course by name (code or description), session, mode of study (full-time, part-time, on-line etc.), course stream and location.

To search for a course

1If you know the course code, course description or instance code enter it in the Course field.

You can enter just the first few letters or use the % wildcard character to match patterns.


PHY would match PHY001, Physics, Geophysics, Geography, Photography and so on.

G%PHY would match Geophysics and Geography.

2If required, select appropriate options from the other pick-lists in the search area.

Note: check More Options to access the Mode of Study, Course Stream and Location options.

3Click Search.

A list of courses matching your search criteria is displayed.

You can sort the list by clicking on any of the column headings.

Browsing course information

Once you have found the course you are searching for you can view the course details.

You are presented with a screen divided into an upper and lower section.

The upper section, the record header, displays a summary of the course details.

The upper section does not change as you move through the tabs within the lower section of the screen.

The lower section is made up of different tabs.

Each tab displays information relating to a particular aspect of the student’s record. The tabs are shown below:

Note: the tabs you see on your screen may be different depending on how your version of Quercus is configured.

These tabs are explained in the rest of this chapter.

To browse information about a course

1In the course list, click a View icon to view the course information.

2Browse the information by clicking the appropriate tabs.

The individual tabs are described below.

Summary tab

This shows summary information about the course.

Modules tab

The modules tab displays all the modules associated with the course instance. It displays the differing levels of the modules attached to that course instance.

If there is a tutorial option the tutorial icon is displayed. This lets you drill into the tutorial and manage the attendance records.

Clicking the module class list icon shows the module class list.

This screen allows you to:

search for a student by entering a surname or ID number

print a class list

view the student details (see Browsing student or person information)

Email and SMS communication

This option allows you to compose an email or SMS message to send to some or all of the students in the class.

To send an email to the students in a class

1From the main Courses tab, select a course.

2Click the Communicate link on the right of the screen.

The Communicate screen opens.

3In the Type pick-list choose Email.

4Type your message in the Body field. Various formatting options are available from the toolbar.

5Click the Show Recipients button.

A class list opens, allowing you to check which of the class members you want to send the message to.

Note: the the tick means that a valid mailing address or mobile number exists for the user — it does not indicate that the user will be copied on the email. To copy users on the email click the appropriate check boxes . If you want to send the message to all students on the course click the All checkbox.

6Click Submit.

An email is sent to the selected class members.

To send an SMS to the students in a class

Repeat steps 1 to 6 above. In step 3 choose SMS rather than Email.

Debtors tab

The Debtors tab displays all students on the course who owe money. The tab allows you to issue a reminder email or SMS to these students. You can define a template for the communication using fields from the database (these are displayed with the # symbol around them).

Once you have composed your message, select the students to whom you want to send it and click Send.

Students tab

The Students list tab displays all the students enrolled on the course instance.

The following options are available:

filter the list by surname, ID number or status

sort the list by clicking the column headings

download the list to a spreadsheet

this option is accessed by clicking the link at the bottom left of the students list

view the student details

» For more information about this option see Browsing student or person information.

this option is accessed by clicking the View icons in the right-hand column

print a class list

communicate with the class list

The last two options are accessed from the Course Tasks panel on the right of the screen.

Staff tab

This tab displays the staff associated with with course instance. This association is managed within Quercus through Course Instance Defaults > Roles.

Learning Groups tab

This tab displays any learning groups associated with with course instance.