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Quercus Calendar screen

The Calendar screen

The Calendar screen allows you to view your schedule by day, week and month. When an event, such as a tutorial or exam, is scheduled you will see a clickable link to the event in the Calendar. Clicking on the link gives you access to the following functions:

review the modules that you have access to

view information about the course module with which an event is associated

view and print a full module class list

view and print a blank class entry form list

search for a student on the module

send an email or SMS text message to students on the module

view the details of students on that module

review and mark attendance for an attendance group

manage the details of your tutorial

To access the Calendar screen

1Click the CALENDAR button on the Home screen.

The calendar opens.

To edit tutorial details

1Click the Edit Tutorial Details button.

2Amend or update the tutorial location, tutor, start time, end time and venue of the tutorial.

3Click the Update Tutorial Details button.

The details are saved to the database.

Note that the tutorial location, tutor and venue have search boxes attached to them allowing ease of viewing the relevant data.

To enter attendance details

1Select the Enter attendance option.

The attendance tab opens allowing you to record attendance.

The SMS facility is an additional option and may not be available.

Calendar views

You can select different views of the calendar. The default is the weekly view.

To change the Calendar view

Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to switch to the Daily and Monthly views.

Use the Previous and Next buttons to move backwards and forwards through earlier and later weeks, days or months.