Quercus Message Link Monitor<>

Processes screen

The Process screen allows you to see all the messages within Message Link. The screen is shown below:

The dispatcher process

In order to generate Outbound messages, there is a dbms_scheduler job which is calling a procedure to pool the Initial queue, every 30 seconds (by default). By enabling this process, the propagation job will be enabled as well, and Outbound messages will be generated, provided the Initial Queue is not empty.

By disabling this process, even though Quercus Plus will still be inserting records in the Initial Queue, the propagation job will be disabled, hence no outbound messages will be generated anymore.

The pooling interval can be configured in this screen as well.

N.B.: By disabling the Dispatcher process, records will still be inserted in the Initial Queue. Being an asynchronous process, once the Dispatcher will be re-enabled, all the messages which have been stored in the Initial Queue since the Dispatcher was disabled - whose expiration time has not passed, will be processed, generating corresponding outbound messages.

The receiver process

The receiver process is pooling the In Queue every 30 seconds (by default), inserting and updating records in the Quercus Plus database. There is a validation process for each inbound message, which if failed, the message is transferred to the Hospital queue, along with the reason why the message has failed validation. The pooling interval can be configured in this screen as well.

For each process, there are two configurable fields:

On/Off — Allows you to enable or disable the process

Pooling Interval — Allows you to configure the pooling interval for each process (Dispatcher or Receiver)

Audit trail

For debugging purposes, every time a user is changing any of the fields available on this screen, its action will be tracked in the audit trail table, and visible later on in the history report.