Quercus Message Link Developer’s Guide<>

Sending messages to Quercus Message Link

SendMessage service

Messages sent to Quercus Message Link will be enqueued in the MESSAGE_IN queue table and will be processed by the system. If the message is invalid it will be sent to the hospital queue as per normal operation.

Message can be sent to Quercus Message Link using the SendMessage service.

The URL call for the SendMessage service is:


There are two mandatory parameters that have to be appended to the service call:

Parameter name





Minimum security access ID. The value passed must match the value stored in the database parameter QML.REST.ACCESS_ID



This must be valid structured XML.

Note: any valid XML can be consumed by the RESTful service however it will not be processed if the payload does not contain a valid Quercus Message.

An example of the SendMessage service with a MODULE_IN message is show below:

https://labs.campusit.net/qdev/qml_rest.SendMessage?accessid=USERGROUP&payload=<ModuleData> <QuercusMessageMeta> <messageId>TEST_001</messageId> <messageType>MODULE_IN</messageType> </QuercusMessageMeta> <moduleRecord> <moduleCode>TEST</moduleCode> <title>Test Description</title> <shortName>TEST001</shortName> <approvedDate>2013-04-01</approvedDate> <moduleLevelCode>PASS</moduleLevelCode> </moduleRecord> </ModuleData>

Note the parameter &payload= this parameter must be passed followed by a valid XML Message.

If the payload is valid then the web service returns a success response with a receipt. This receipt can be used to check the status of the message via a RESTful web call. Below is an example of a successfully enqueued message response:

If the payload is not valid then an Error Response will be returned by the service: