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What is Quercus Live Link?

What is Quercus Live Link?

Quercus Live Link forms a component of the Quercus integration strategy. The Quercus integration strategy allows you to incorporate Quercus modules into a wider portfolio of best-of-breed enterprise applications. A range of integration techniques are supported — allowing you to choose the methods best suited to your circumstances and requirements.

Components of the Quercus integration strategy

Quercus Live Link

Light interface specifically designed for REST-style integration with website and portal technologies.

This interface is discussed in detail in this guide.

Quercus Embedded Connectors

Out-of-the-box connectors for major industry infrastructure components.

This interface is not discussed in this guide.

Quercus DB Link

Specialized interface for data-intensive integrations like data warehousing.

This interface is not discussed in this guide.

Quercus Message Link

Service-orientated, event-driven, on-line integration platform for enterprise corporate systems.

This interface is not discussed in this guide.

Live Link features

Quercus Live Link allows developers to pull data from a Quercus database into dynamic web sites and information portals using standard REST (Representation State Transfer) integration techniques.

Live Link provides:

a consistent interface to all existing and future services

a standard model for returned data

support for Premium Vanilla and custom services

the facility to query services for an individual student

fast performance

Relationship of Live Link to SOLAR_COURSE_INFO and WEB_XML APIs

Live Link is intended as a long-term replacement for the SOLAR_COURSE_INFO and WEB_XML APIs which are deprecated.

For the immediate future SOLAR_COURSE_INFO and the WEB_XML APIs will continue to be available to existing services which are dependent on these APIs.

However, if you are embarking upon a new integration project you should use Live Link.

Scope of this guide

This document shows you how to access the Live Link data. It also provides a guide to the syntax of the Quercus REST web API.

It does not provide details of REST implementation techniques. These will be dependent upon the specifics of your web development platform.