Quercus for Students Administrator’s Guide<>

Setting up Quercus for Students and Quercus Mobile


All students using Quercus for Students and Quercus Mobile will see details of the courses for which they are registered or pre-registered and their personal profile information.

If the service is enabled as part of your Quercus 8 installation then all students will have access to the service by default. You do not need to enable the service for individual students.

You can, however, choose to enable or disable particular features ― such as whether or not financial information is displayed. Any choices you make are implemented for all students ― you cannot allow one group of students to view financial information, but disallow it for others.

The various features you can enable or disable are described in Before you begin, below.

You enable or disable features via the Parameters option in Control Centre Set-Up. The relevant parameters are found in the QL4S group in the QuercusLive namespace.

Many of the QL4S parameters affect both the web portal and the mobile application. So, for example, if you set the QL4S.WORK_ADDRESS to TRUE the student’s work address will be displayed in both the the web portal and the mobile application.

Note however that there are also a number of parameters which relate exclusively to the Quercus Mobile module. These come under the Mobile group in the QuercusLive parameter namespace. In addition, the parameters which allow students to edit their personal information (e.g. QL4S.HOME_ADDRESS_EDITABLE) apply only to the web portal. Students cannot edit their personal information using the Mobile application.

Before you begin

Quercus for Students and Quercus Mobile allow students to access information about their courses and their personal profile. They provide some functionality by default, other functionality is optional and must be enabled by the administrator. Use the table below to review the default and optional functionality and decide which optional functions you wish to enable.



To configure the function

view course information


See the notes for the Courses screen.

view exam information


See the note to modules.

view financial information


See the notes for the Financial screen.

view financial notes


See the note to links to financial notes.

view personal information


Individual profile components (such as the student’s home address) can be shown or hidden. See the notes for the Profile screen.

edit personal information


See Allowing students to edit their own records.

view list of Smart Links


To add links to the list see Adding links to the Links panel.

view list of Actions


To add actions to the list see Actions and the Actions panel.