Quercus 8.3.0<>

Set the login panel welcome message

The Quercus login panel is the small panel that appears on the right of the top bar.

You can now customise the message which appears in this panel via the LOGIN.LOGIN_PANEL parameter.

To customise the welcome message

1Go into Control Panel and open the LOGIN.LOGIN_PANEL parameter for editing.

2Set the value to your desired message, e.g.

Welcome #FIRST_NAME# to the<br/>CampusIT Quercus<br/> development environment

You can include the following tags:




These tags will be replaced by the first name, surname or ID of the logged-in user.

Note also the use of the HTML <br/> linebreak tag to ensure an aesthetically pleasing display in the small space available.

3Click Save to save the changes.

4Log out of Quercus.

5Log back into Quercus.

You will see your message in the login panel.