Quercus 8.3.0<>

Enhanced Sensitive Data Protection

When Enhanced Sensitive Data Protection is enabled (MYCAMPUS.PROTECT_SENSITIVE_DATA) only users with special role QP_PERSON_SENSITIVE_DATA can see sensitive personal data about a student.

Sensitive personal data currently encompasses only the student’s date-of-birth – but the definition may be extended in the future.

In the screenshot below the MYCAMPUS.PROTECT_SENSITIVE_DATA has been set to TRUE through the Control Centre.

And, in the example below, the user is not entitled to see sensitive data as he is not a member of the QP_PERSON_SENSITIVE_DATA LDAP group.

In these circumstances Quercus either:

Hides the date-of-birth column in lists of students or class lists

Redacts the actual value (replacing it with asterisks)

The screen below shows the effect of this.

When Enhanced Sensitive Data Protection is disabled (the default) you can see sensitive personal data as in earlier releases of Quercus (so there is no need to assign new roles if you intend to continue in this mode).

Note that the Quercus access model (which determines what student records you are allowed to see) operates independently of this new feature. Both features can be combined together.