Quercus 8.0.2. Control Centre User’s Guide<>

Viewing the status of a service

Purpose of the Service Status option

Once a service is live you can review a range of performance metrics that apply to the service. You do this using the Service Status option.

Metrics may vary from service to service but typically include:

the number of significant events (usually defined as state transitions within the workflow)

the number of students at each stage in the service’s status flow (e.g. registered, submitted, validated)

The information is presented graphically in the form of bar-charts. By clicking the bars within the Status Flow monitor chart you can go directly to the corresponding records.

Service Status views

Two views of service status are available:

Event Monitor

Status Flow Monitor

These are described below.

Event Monitor

The Event Monitor reports the number of recorded events taken for a particular service. The events reported are pre-defined for each service and represent significant stages within the service lifecycle.

Events can be reviewed by month, week or day.

Event monitor operates on the basis of calendar dates rather than academic session.

The screen below shows the pre-defined events listed for the Confirm Place service.

The chart below shows an Event Monitor bar-chart showing frequency of fee payments on a daily basis in relation to the Confirm Place service.

Status Flow Monitor

The Status Flow Monitor reports the number of status-change events taking place in the workflow of a particular service. See Setting up workflow for an explanation of ‘workflow’ and here for an illustration of how status changes are constrained by the workflow settings.

You can view status changes by individual courses or aggregated across all courses.

The chart below shows status changes relating to all courses in the Apply Online service.

If you click a bar in the chart you will be taken to the Applications tab where the corresponding records will be displayed (see illustration here).

To access the service status options

1Choose Service Status in the service menu.

2Click either the Event Monitor or the Status Flow Monitor graphics.

3Choose from the options in the pick-lists.

To view the corresponding records on the Applications tab, click a bar in the Status Flow Monitor chart (see illustration here).

To save the chart as a PDF or as a PNG image suitable for incorporation into presentations, right click the chart and select an option from the context menu.