Quercus 8.0.2. Control Centre User’s Guide<>

Viewing the data submitted from an online service

Use the Applications tab to view online submissions

All the online services that you set up will result in the submission of data from end-users — such as online course applications or bookings for graduation ceremonies. These submissions are referred to as applications and they can be accessed via the Applications tab.

Note: To access the Applications tab you must be a member of the OAPL_APPLICATION LDAP group. See Control Centre for more information about user-access control.

Overview of the Applications tab

The Applications tab lets you use a variety of criteria to search across all the applications that have been received as a result of the various online services.

You can search using any combination of the the following criteria:

name (of applicant)


application reference number

individual application or group of applications associated with a single application form


service (e.g. Apply Online, Pay Fees)

application status (e.g. registered, rejected)

The example below shows a search for submissions from applicants with a surname beginning with ‘C’ which have been received via the Apply Online service for the 2010 session.

Note that if you choose the Application Form option from the Search By field the search form will change to show criteria relevant to a search-by-application-form.

Once you have located an application you can click the Review icon to view the user’s details and progress the application. See Workflow example for more information.