Quercus 8.0.2. Control Centre User’s Guide<>

Using the the Settings option

Purpose of the Settings option

The Settings option allows you to perform the following operations:

set up configuration parameters, page messages and help text

set up the wording of standard acknowledgement emails

configure the service’s administration workflow

set up user surveys

In addition you can edit the visual theme for the various services. The visual theme is edited at a global level — not at the level of an individual service. So if you modify the theme it will be modified for all services.

In the examples below we use the Apply Online service to show how this customisation works. Although the steps and parameters vary somewhat for each service, the principles are the same.

To access Settings

1Click the Settings button in the left-hand menu to open the Settings screen.

This screen allows you to set a variety of options that relate to the service as a whole. These options are described in the following chapters.