Quercus 8.0.2. Control Centre User’s Guide<>

Understanding service administration

Purpose of the Service Administration option

The Service Administration option allows you to configure several parameters. Each of the parameters has a global effect on how a specific service operates.

The parameters are described in the table below.





Not installed

Premium Vanilla


Allows you to select whether you will run a custom or a Premium Vanilla version of a service.

Note: you cannot run both versions of the same service simultaneously (say the custom version for one course and the Premium Vanilla for another). However you can run a mixture of custom and Premium Vanilla for different services.

» See Premium Vanilla and custom services and the note relating to configuration options on here.



Allows you to change the text label that appears in the Actions panel of the Quercus for Students web portal and the Quercus Mobile application. In the example below the label of the Confirm Place service has been changed to ‘Register for 2012’.


Parameters to be appended to a URL

These parameters support the integration of an online service (e.g. Online Application or Confirm Place) with a website or portal.

They facilitate operations such as the redirection of an end-user to a service in a manner which reflects the user’s state.

For example a user may be directed to a login page of a service with the course pre-selected rather than to the top-level list of courses.

The default value is set by CampusIT and should only only be changed in collaboration with CampusIT support.

The following substitutions can be used as part of URL:

#CI# — Course Instance Object ID

#CIS# — Course Instance Service Object ID


Online Application

f?p=PV_ONLINE_APP:101:::::APP_COURSE_INSTANCE:#CI#" target="_blank"

Confirm Place


Finish URL

A full URL including 'http' or 'https'.

The address to which users will be redirected after completing a service.

If URL is not set, user will be presented with the home page of the service.

LDAP Roles

A colon-delimited list of LDAP roles

Specifies which LDAP groups can access the service (e.g. QP_STUDENT_EDIT:OC_EDIT_MODULE)

The service will be presented only to users having at least one of the listed LDAP roles.

When this field is empty any user can access the service.

» See LDAP groups and access to the Control Centre tabs.

To modify the Set Up Service options

1Click the Control Centre Set Up tab.

2Select Service Administration from the Basic options.

A list of services opens.

3Locate the service you want to configure and click the Edit button.

The Edit service screen opens.

4Make the required changes and click Save.