Quercus 8.0.2. Control Centre User’s Guide<>

Setting up workflow

What is workflow?

Workflow is the sequence of administrative events that are triggered when an application is submitted by a user of the online service.

Setting up workflow

When you set up workflow you associate system events with particular trigger-points in the application processing sequence.

To do this you set an action to occur when a particular point in a process has been reached. An action usually has two components:

a status change relating to the user's record that is associated with the user's online activity — for example, if the user has successfully completed a course application and has paid the course fee his or her status may be changed to registered

a communication to the user which provides information relevant to the status change — for example, an acknowledgement email

Note: each Premium Vanilla service comes with a default workflow, suitable for the service. If you plan to edit these workflows we suggest that, before making the edits, you save you save the settings using the Export option (see here). This will make it easy for you to revert to your previous settings.

To set up workflow

1Click the Workflow graphic.

The Workflow screen opens.

The screen give a list of the workflow rules that are associated by default with the service.

The list shows the rules governing what happens when the status of a user’s submission is changed during application processing.

Note: the initial status of any record submitted from an online service varies depending upon the service. For completed applications the status is usually ‘Submitted’. Partially completed applications will usually have a status of ‘Recorded’.

2Configure the rule settings using the following actions:

Add a rule using the Add Row option.

Delete a rule by checking the Del box and then clicking the Delete Selected button.

Change the settings of the various rules by selecting options from the pick lists and, when you have finished, clicking the Save button.

Each ‘To Status’ associated with a ‘From Status’ will appear as an option in the Action pick-list of an application with the appropriate status.

Workflow example

A user uses the Online Application service to apply for a course and successfully completes the application.

We can view details of the application in the Applications tab.

If we open the user’s application we can see the details that have been submitted.

By clicking on the first (Applications) tab we can see that the Current Status field is set to ‘Submitted’.

We can move the user’s application in the workflow by choosing a new status from the Action field.

The choices that are visible in this list are determined by the Workflow settings of the service in question.

The workflow settings that produced the options shown in the pick-list above are shown below:

The various actions associated with the ‘submitted’ from-status appear in the pick-list:

If you choose an action it will move the status on to the specified to-status and send any email specified in the E-mail Template field. So, in the above example, if you selected ‘Register’ in the list it would change the status to ‘Registered’ and send out an email corresponding to template ONLINE_APP.EML_04:

Exporting and importing workflow settings

You can import and export workflow settings for a service. The settings are encoded in an XML format which can be downloaded for export or uploaded for import.

You can import and export the settings for a single service or for all services.


An example of an XML workflow settings file for a single service (Online Registration) is shown below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<statusFlowExport version="1.0" timestamp="2011-02-08T06:05:03">
  <statusFlow service="ONLINE_REG">
      <email>ACKNOWLEDGE APP</email>
      <email>REJECT - FORMAL</email>
      <email>REJECT - FORMAL</email>
To export workflow settings

1In the Tasks area to the right of the Workflow screen select Export to File.

2In the Service pick-list choose the service you want to export.

If you select All you will export the workflow details of all services.

3Click the Export button.

4Choose a destination for the download and click Save.

To import workflow settings

1In the Tasks area to the right of the Workflow screen select Import from File.

The Import File screen opens.

2Click the Choose File button.

3Select the file you want to upload.

4Click import.

If the file has been successfully uploaded you will receive a confirmation message.