Quercus 8.0.2. Control Centre User’s Guide<>

Setting up course groups

The course groups option

The Course Groups option allows you to group together a number of courses so that they can be easily assigned to service instances based upon the same service template. You can quickly identify and group courses that share common features — such as all the 2010 full-time courses within the Arts faculty.

Note: course groups are set up at a global level — not at the level of an individual service. So if you create a course group it will be available to all services.

To group courses together

1Click the Course Groups button.

2Click the Add Group graphic.

The Edit Course Group screen opens.

3Enter a name for the group you are creating.

4Click Create.

The Add Course Instance screen opens, allowing you to enter criteria to find the courses you want to group.

5Click Search.

A list of courses meeting your selection criteria is displayed.

6Scroll to the foot of the list to see the controls that allow you to add courses to the group.


Click Add All Results to add all the visible courses to the group

Warning: this does not add results that have been returned but which are displayed on the other list pages.

You will receive a confirmation message ‘All course instances have been added’.

Select the courses you want to add using the checkboxes in the right-hand column and click Add Selected

You will receive a confirmation message ‘‘Selected Course Instances’ have been added’.

The list is now re-displayed showing the instances that you have added (i.e. not the instances that are available for adding).

8To add more instances to the list (e.g. the subsequent results in a multi-page listing) click the Add Instances button at the foot of the list (see below).

Clicking Add Instance returns you to the Add Course Instance screen.

If you want to add more results from your original query, repeat steps 4 to 7. The results returned by repeating the query will not include the courses that have already been added to the group — so you can’t add a course instance twice. Note that you can run a different query if you wish to add courses that were not returned by the original query.

The group is automatically saved each time you add course instances.

9You can exit group set up at any time by clicking the Save button or choosing another menu option. Your group will have been saved.