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Changing the appearance of a service’s web pages

Changing the appearance of your online services

You can change the appearance of the your service’s online pages to blend with your corporate image.

What aspects of a service’s appearance can I change?

You can change the following aspects of a service’s online pages:

the logo that appears in the top left-hand corner of the page

header links above the main body content

footer links below the main body content

the colours of the field labels

the font used

To change the appearance of a service’s web pages

1Choose Settings in the service menu.

2Click the Design Global Theme graphic to open the Premium Vanilla Parameters screen.

The relationship between the various options and the output results can be seen in the image below. The Premium Vanilla Parameters settings are shown in the upper portion of the image, the corresponding output screen is shown in the lower portion of the image.

Page styling options

The overall styling of the page is controlled by the interaction of:

1the Premium Vanilla style parameters described above

2the Premium Vanilla cascading stylesheets

3the semantics of the HTML that is output from the database

The style parameters (1, in the above list) allow you to change the most frequently altered style settings: they are not intended to provide complete control over all visual aspects of the service.

In addition the header and footer fields allow you to enter snippets of HTML. Note the following:

if you do not wish to see a header or footer, delete the text or comment it out using <!-- and -->

tags must be balanced and nested correctly XHTML-style — for every opening tag make sure there’s a corresponding closing tag

you can have the same content in the header and footer

dynamic content is not supported