Quercus 8 Online Results Entry<>

Setting up Online Results Entry


This chapter covers the steps you need to take to enable Quercus 8 Online Results Entry.

When Online Results Entry is enabled authorised users can enter the exam results for a module as shown below.

Application environment

To use the version of Online Results Entry described in this guide you must be running QuercusPlus 8.0.2 or higher.

Enabling Online Results Entry for a user


Online Results Entry can be enabled for an individual user by associating the user’s profile with the appropriate LDAP groups:

QP_RESULTS_ENTRY if the user is authorised to enter results, or

QP_RESULTS_VIEW of the is authorised only to view results

Note: In the To enable Results Entry procedure below, we show how you can associate a user with the appropriate LDAP groups by using the QuercusLive Control Centre. If you are not running QuercusLive Control Centre you must associate users with LDAP groups using the equivalent functionality in your identity management application (e.g. Oracle Internet Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory).

Before you begin

Check which users are authorised to enter exam results.

Check which users are authorised to view exam results but are not authorised to enter results.

Enabling Online Results Entry

Before a user can enter or view exam results, the appropriate LDAP group must be added to the user’s profile.

To enable Results Entry

Condition: this procedure illustrates how you would enable Online Results Entry if:

you are using Oracle Internet Directory

you are using QuercusLive Control Centre

you have access to User Account Management

1Login to QuercusPlus with administrator permissions and select CONTROL CENTRE.

2Select the SET-UP tab.

3Select User Account Management from the Basic option list.

4Locate the user who requires access and open the user’s record for editing.

5Associate the appropriate LDAP groups to the user’s list of groups, either:

QP_RESULTS_ENTRY if the user is authorised to enter results, or

QP_RESULTS_VIEW if the user is authorised only to view results

The example below shows QP_RESULTS_ENTRY selected, prior to adding it to the user’s groups.

Note: if you do not see QP_RESULTS_ENTRY or QP_RESULTS_VIEW in the list of available LDAP groups, contact the CampusIT support desk.

6Choose either QP_RESULTS_ENTRY or QP_RESULTS_VIEW and click the > button to move the group from Available LDAP groups to This users LDAP groups list.

7Click the Reset Groups button.

The user now has permission to access the Results Entry service.

To verify that the user can access Online Results Entry

1In QuercusLive select the MODULES tab.

2Use the Search function to locate the module you want to open.

Note: Level-4 assessments must be set up for module you select.

3Click the View icon to open the module.

The Module Instance Overview screen opens.

If Online Results Entry has been set up correctly you will see a Assessments tab in the lower part of the screen, to the right of the Students tab.

To verify whether the user has edit or view-only permissions

1Click the Assessments tab.

If level-4 assessments have been set up for the module, you will see a list of results for the class.

If the user is a member of the QP_RESULTS_ENTRY LDAP group the edit icon will appear on the Exams and Project tabs.

If the user has view-only permissions, the icons will not appear:

Access models and online results entry

You will only be able to enter results if you have the appropriate credentials under the access model that your organisation has enabled. This is in addition to the requirement to belong to the QP_RESULTS_ENTRY LDAP group.

Access model

Conditions which must be satisfied before you can enter results

(in addition to QP_RESULTS_ENTRY membership)




You must be set up as a tutor of a module before you can enter results for that module.


The module must be associated with a course (via the Quercus Classic Interface) which, in turn, is associated with the organisation to which you belong


The module must be associated with your organisation (via the Organisations option in QuercusPlus)


You must be assigned as a tutor to a module instance and the module instance must be associated with a course instance

» For more information about access models see Summary of access models and Implementing a content access model.

Courses and modules

A situation may arise when a user is a tutor for a course instance but is not set up as a tutor for all the module instances associated with the course instance.

In these circumstances, if you are running the the INSTANCE_PERSON content access model, the user will be able to see the all module instances associated with the course on the course tab but will only be able to enter results for the modules for which the user is a tutor. In the screenshoot below the user has been set up as a tutor for the English Literature course but only as a tutor for the 1.ENG L1 module — not the ENG and 1.FRE L1 modules. This is the reason the Assessment icon is only available against the 1.ENG L1 module.