Quercus 8 Online Results Entry<>

Online Results Entry introduction

Purpose of this manual

This manual:

provides an overview of the functionality of the Quercus 8 Online Results Entry service.

shows you how to enable Online Results Entry for individual users

Audience for this manual

Business roles

This manual is for IT support staff and system administrators responsible for the deployment, support and maintenance of the QuercusLive and QuercusPlus products.

Learning prerequisites

QuercusPlus Assessment module

Readers of this manual should be familiar with the QuercusPlus Assessment module. The QuercusPlus Assessment module provides the functionality required to enter details of an exam — such as title, weighting and pass mark.

Note: You can only enter the marks for an exam through Results Entry if the exam has been set up through the QuercusPlus Assessment module,

» For more information about the QuercusPlus Assessment module, see the QuercusPlus User Guide.

Quercus identity management

Readers of this manual should be familiar with the system of identity management employed in their Quercus 8 configuration, for example Oracle Internet Directory, Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory. Specifically, readers should understand how to maintain LDAP groups, and how role-based access controls interact with Quercus 8’s own content-based access controls.

» For more information about this area see How access to the service is controlled.

In this manual we show how you can associate a user with the appropriate LDAP groups by using the QuercusLive Control Centre (see Enabling Online Results Entry for a user). If you are not running QuercusLive Control Centre you must associate users with LDAP groups using the equivalent functionality in your identity management application.