Quercus 8 Online Results Entry<>

New features in Results Entry 8.0.2

There is no longer any limit to how many assessments can be attached to one module (previously there was a maximum of five per module).

Pagination has been added to allow you to page through the assessments. A maximum of four assessments can be displayed at a time.

You can now ensure that results are locked automatically once the calculator is run by setting the AUTO_LOCK_RESULTS_IN_USE QuercusPlus Global parameter to TRUE via the Control Centre.

The new INSTANCE_ORGANISATION_NEW access model shows only the results associated with your organisation.

The link between organisations and courses and modules is made through the QuercusPlus Organisations screen.

The Assessments screen now allows you to enter assessment results in two modes:

a scored assessment, which requires that you enter a percentage score for the assessment

a pass/fail assessment which requires that you choose between pass or fail

The mode in use for a specific assessment is set through the Quercus Classic Interface.