Quercus 8 Online Results Entry<>

Access models and Online Results Entry

Definition of ‘access model’

In this chapter and in the following chapters the term access model refers to the Quercus-specific component of the access model (unrestricted/person/organisation) rather than the LDAP component.

The effect of the access model on Online Results Entry

The access model determines who can enter exam results for particular courses and modules.

The access model controls which courses and modules you can access and, therefore, determines the courses and modules for which you can enter results. This is why this user guide explains how to configure the access model.

Access model topics covered in this guide

In this guide:

Summary of access models, describes how the access model determines which users are allowed to see a course or module.

Implementing a content access model, lists the steps involved to implement the various access models

Procedures required to support the implementation of the content access models, details the various procedures you will need to carry out when setting up an access model.