Programme Manager Introduction<>

Using Programme Manager

Logging in to Programme Manager

A user who has access to Programme Manager (see Access to Programme Manager) will see the Programme Manager button on the Quercus home page.

Searching for courses or modules

Clicking the Programme Manager button takes you to the Programme Manager search screen. This screen allows you to search for courses or course instances. You can choose between courses and course instances by clicking on the Courses/Instances radio button.

If you want to search for modules or modules instances, click the Modules button in the Quercus selection bar. Use the bar to switch between course and module listings.

If you check the More Options button you will see additional filtering options.

Editing courses or modules

Use the search options to locate a course or course instance or module or module instance which you want to edit.

When you use the search options you get back a list of courses/course instances or modules/module instances.

To edit the details of a courses/course instance or modules/module instance, click the orange edit button .

When you click the edit button, an editing screen opens showing the properties of the selected item. Editing screens are divided into several panels as shown below. The individual panels can be accessed by clicking the appropriate button.

Once you have selected a panel you can change the values of the various properties listed on the panel.