Programme Manager Introduction<>

Programme Manager

What is Programme Manager​?

Programme Manager in release 8.2 of Quercus is a replacement for the course and module maintenance functionality previously accessed via the Classic Interface. All course and module management functions from Classic Interface have been migrated into the standard Quercus interface.

Access to Programme Manager

LDAP membership

In order to access Programme Manager a user must be a member of the relevant LDAP groups. This is shown below.

LDAP Group



Gives you access to all Programme Manager functions and gives you full edit permissions


Allows you to view courses and modules in Programme Manager but does not give you edit permissions


Allows you to set up and edit courses and courses instances


Allows you to set up and edit modules and module instances

Access model in use

In addition, the access model you are using will affect the visibility of courses and modules. For example, if you are using the INSTANCE_ORGANISATION_NEW access model users will only see the courses associated with the organisations of which they are members.