Postgraduate Management Module User Guide<>

What is Postgraduate Management?


The Postgraduate Management module allows you to manage the progress of a postgraduate student who is following a study‑path based around the production of a piece of original scholarship, such as a PhD thesis.

Typically the management of a postgraduate involves:

defining the programme of study

splitting the programme into manageable phases

mentoring the student

monitoring the student’s progress

assessing the student’s research

The Postgraduate Management module provides a straightforward way to track the student’s progress and to provide a formal record of the decisions made at each stage in the programme. The module allows the student’s academic supervisors (the panel) to collaborate in this process.

Associating a student with Postgraduate Management

You can manage a student using the Postgraduate Management module providing the student is associated with a course that requires the student to submit a thesis. These type of courses have the Thesis Required option checked in the Classic Interface Course Instance Defaults screen.

Video demonstration

The following video shows how a course instance is associated with the Postgraduate Management module:

Overview of functionality

If a student is following a course which is requires a thesis you will see a Research Details Smart Link when you are viewing the student’s course information.

Clicking on this link takes you to the RESEARCH tab.

This tab consists of four sub-tabs, each showing a different aspect of the student’s record.

The Details tab displays information about the student’s thesis such as the title and planned submission date. It also allows you to view and upload related documents such as research proposals, meeting notes, evaluations and drafts of the thesis itself.

The Absences tab displays the student’s absence history.

The Progress tab displays details of the student’s progress.

The Panel tabdisplays contact details for staff who are members of the student’s supervision panel.

Video demonstration

The following video shows how to access the Postgraduate Management module options:


Permission to access student data

You will able to access the student’s data only if you are a member of the QP_STUDENT_THESIS LDAP group. This role also allows you to enter (but not to approve) student absences.

Access to the records of individual students is dependent upon the access model you have implemented (UNRESTRICTED, INSTANCE_PERSON, INSTANCE_ORGANISATION or INSTANCE_ORGANISATION_NEW).

» For more information see the Security and access models chapter of the QuercusPlus Menu 8.0.2 User Guide.

Permission to edit student data

You will able to edit the student’s data and approve absences only if you are a member of the QP_STUDENT_THESIS_EDIT LDAP group.

» For information about how to associate a user with an LDAP group see the User account management chapter of the Quercus 8.0.2. Control Centre User’s Guide.