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Recording the student’s progress

How progress is recorded

You can enter date-stamped notes which can be used to provide a cumulative record of the student’s progress. Typically you would complete a note after a progress review meeting: the note acting as the formal record of the meeting. It could be combined with supporting documents uploaded via the Details tab.

You can also record meeting decisions by picking from a pre-populated list of decisions. The default list of decisions relate to whether the student should continue with the current course of study. For example there may be a decision that the student is transferred up to a higher-level qualification. You can maintain a list of decisions through the Classic Interface (see Maintaining the list of progress meeting outcomes).

To record progress

1Click the Progress sub-tab and click the Add Progress Report link in the Tasks panel.

2Enter details of the meeting and click Create.

Note: you can add to the outcomes available in the outcome list using the procedure described under Maintaining the list of progress meeting outcomes.

3The meeting is added to the list of meetings.

You can amend the details of the meeting by clicking the Edit button.

Maintaining the list of progress meeting outcomes

The list of outcomes that appear in the Progress Meeting Outcome drop-down list is populated from the QUERCUS THESIS_PROGRESS_REPORT_OUTCOME table. You can maintain this list using DYNAMIC_FORM from the Run Forms option in the Classic Interface.

To add a new progress meeting outcome

1Choose DYNAMIC_FORM from the File > Run Forms option in the Classic Interface.

2In the Table Name field type THESIS_PROGRESS_REPORT_OUTCOME.

Data from the THESIS_PROGRESS_REPORT_OUTCOME table is displayed.

3Add the new report outcome code and associated description.

4Click the Save icon in the toolbar or press F10 to save the record.

The new outcome is now available in the Outcome drop-down list.