Postgraduate Management Module User Guide<>

Associating a student with Postgraduate Management


You can manage a student using the Postgraduate Management module providing the student is associated with a course that requires the student to submit a thesis. These type of courses have the Thesis Required option checked in the Classic Interface Course Instance Defaults screen.

To add the Thesis Required option to a course instance

1In the Quercus Classic Interface navigate to the Course Maintenance opening screen (Course Manager > Course Maintenance > Maintain) and click View/Maintain.

2Locate the course that the student is taking.

3Select the course by clicking the Open Record icon on the right of the row.

The Course Maintenance screen opens.

4Click the Instances button to see a list of course instances.

5Click the Df (definition) button of the course instance you wish to associate with the organisation.

The Course Instance Defaults screen opens.

Check the Thesis Required button.

6Click the Save icon in the toolbar or press F10 to save the record.

View the Postgraduate Management options

Now that you’ve ticked the Thesis Required check-box, the Postgraduate Management options will be available to the students on the course.

1Log into the QuercusPlus menu and choose Courses from the opening screen.

2Locate the course for which you have specified ‘Thesis Required’ (see step 5, above).

3Select the course and choose the Students sub-tab.

4Choose a student on the course and click the View button to open the student’s record.

5Click the Course sub-tab to view details of the student’s courses (this list will include the course from which you previously selected the student)

6Click the View icon of the course to drill into the course details.

On the right of the screen, if you ticked ‘Thesis Required’ for the course, you will see a Smart Link labelled Research Details.

7Click this link to view the Postgraduate Management options.

These options are described in the following chapters.