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Adding details of the student’s thesis

Adding thesis details

When you first open Postgraduate Management for a new postgraduate you see the message ‘There is no thesis on file for this student.’ Before you can make use of the Postgraduate Management options you must add details of the thesis.

To add details of the thesis

1Click the Create Thesis option in the Tasks panel.

A screen opens allowing you to enter the title of the thesis and its planned submission, actual submission and acceptance dates (normally you would only enter the planned submission date when entering the details for the first time).

2Enter the thesis details and click Create

Note: you will need to be a member of the QP_STUDENT_THESIS_EDIT LDAP group to add details of the thesis. For information about how to associate a user with an LDAP group see the User account management chapter of the Quercus 8.0.2. Control Centre User’s Guide.

Once the thesis details have been entered you have access to the full range of Research Management options for the student in question. You can now see document upload options and keyword entry options on the Details sub-tab.

Calculating completion time

The Postgraduate Management Module calculates the actual time it took a student to complete a thesis. This is calculated as:

the number of days between the start date of the course and the thesis acceptance date


the number of days of approved absence
between these dates


start date of the course is the start date of the first (year 1) course instance of the student’s course (which may comprise of several, sequential course instances)

the thesis accceptance date is not treated as a ‘working’ day

the last date of an approved absence is treated as the day the student returns to work — so an approved absence with a start date of Mon 1st Jan and an end date of Wed 3rd Jan counts as two days not three

unapproved absence is ignored in the calculation

Uploading documents

You can upload documents that you want to associate with the student’s record such as research proposals, meeting notes, evaluations and drafts of the thesis itself.

After you have uploaded a document it will appear in the Documents list. You can download a document that appears in the Documents list by clicking the Download button.

To upload a document

1In the Documents area Click the Browse button.

2Select the document you want to upload and click Open.

3Enter a description of the document in the Document Description field and click upload.

The document appears in the Documents list.

Adding keywords

You can associate keywords with a thesis. This can be used in to assist with the search, retrieval and export of thesis‑related data. You choose the keywords from one of the keyword lists set up through the Labels module. This module allows you to maintain multiple lists of keywords.

Individual courses can be associated with any keyword group set up through the Labels module. So, if your thesis forms part of the Archaeology MA course, the keywords available will from the keyword group that has been linked to this course.

To associate a keyword with the thesis

1Select keywords from the Keyword drop-down list at the foot of the Details tab.

2Click Add.

You can add as many keywords as you require.

» For information about how to add lists of keywords see Maintaining keywords.