New features in Quercus 8.1<>

Smart Links just got smarter …

New in 8.1

Smart Links have been a feature of Quercus since version 2.7. They are special customisable links which are grouped into families which appear on particular pages. For example, the Course Instance family of Smart Links appears in the Smart Links panel when you are viewing course information.

In release 8.1 we’ve added extra functionality so that certain links appear only if particular conditions are satisfied. We can best understand this feature by considering the following requirement:

“If you are viewing a student’s record in the main STUDENTS tab, a link to the Admissions module should appear only if there is an Admissions record for the student in question.”

Smart Links support this requirement, allowing you to maintain conditional links between Quercus 8 modules. A conditional link will only be displayed if there is information relating to the current record at the link destination.

If we extend the above requirement so that

“The link should take you straight to the selected student’s Admission’s record.”

then the link will need to pass the student’s identifier through to the Admissions module so that the relevant admissions record can be displayed.

The 8.1 Smart Links support this feature, so that context can be maintained when moving from one application to another.

Why have we done this?

Conditional links improve your experience of Quercus: it means that you can only follow a link if there is something of relevance to see at the destination. Also, the maintenance of context when a link takes you from one module to another improves integration between modules, ensuring that all modules work together to deliver a seamless user experience.