New features in Quercus 8.1<>

Online services – even more flexibility

New in 8.1

We’ve made a number of improvements to Quercus’s functionality in response to feedback on the new easy-to-deploy online services such as Apply Online and Confirm Place. We’ve made the workflow fully customisable by non-technical administrative staff and made it easier to configure access control functionality.

Fully configurable workflow – no technical expertise required

Consider the fragment of an Apply Online workflow below – showing workflow statuses:

and the same part of the workflow showing actions:

When configuring a service in 8.0.2 both statuses and actions could only be set up by an expert user with knowledge of the Quercus Classic Interface and Oracle Application Express. Statuses were maintained through the Quercus Classic Interface via the Status option in Static Data Maintenance. Actions were maintained by performing SQL-type operations directly on the SOLAR.ACTIONS table.

This has now changed and non-technical users can add required actions and statuses using the Control Centre. So you can easily create workflows that are precisely customised to the needs of your institution.

This means that if, for example, you needed to set up a new segment of workflow which covered an eligibility-for-busary review process (see screenshot, below) this could be done without the need to access the Quercus Classic Interface or the Oracle application development environment.

In the case of the above example you simply need to create the required actions (e.g. ‘Forward to Special Awards Grant Committee’, ‘Accept Grant’) plus the associated statuses (e.g. ‘Grant Awarded’ and ‘Grant Rejected’) and then string them together in the appropriate workflow sequence. Using the new features you can now do this in a few minutes.

Note also that in the above example that the ‘Accept Grant’ action has been restricted to users who belong to the QP_STUDENT_FINANCE LDAP group. If you are not part of this group, ‘Accept Grant’ will not appear as an option when you are changing the status of an application.

Why have we done this?

These changes mean that you can now set up complete end-to-end customised workflows without ever leaving the Quercus environment. This is good news if you’re the owner of a business function and you want to set up new workflows, or modify existing practices — now you don’t need to be familiar with the Quercus Classic Interface or the Oracle development environment in order to do this.