New features in Quercus 8.1<>

Improved security model

New in 8.1

In tandem with the changes described in the previous section, we’ve also made it easier to configure your organisation’s security.

Since 8.0.2, the INSTANCE_ORGANISATION_NEW access model has allowed you to associate courses and modules with organisations — so that members of the organisation would then see only these courses and modules and no others.

In the 8.0.2 implementation of the model, the link between the organisation and the course or module was made at the instance level (see the diagram above). This could, however, result in an unnecessarily time-consuming set-up procedure. Each time a new instance of a course or module was added you would need to associate the instance with the appropriate organisation in order to support the operation of the security model.

For the 8.1 release the link can be made at the level of the parent course or module. If you choose this model the relationship then cascades down to the instances of the parent. You can, if you wish, still make connections at the module level, but if you know that all instances of a course or module will be associated with a specific organisation, you can link to the parent course or module.

Why are we doing this?

These changes mean that there is less work involved in implementing and maintaining the organisation security model. If you compare the diagrams shown above you can see that you have to maintain eight connections in the first model, but only four in the second. The resulting access control is the same in both cases however. In 8.0.2, if you added a new course or module instance, you would have to immediately associate it with an organisation if you wanted it to be available to that organisation. In 8.1, if the parent course is associated with the organisation, a new course instance will be automatically associated with the organisation from the moment it is created.