New features in Quercus 8.1<>

Get organised

New in 8.1

You can now set up Organisations through the Control Centre. In Quercus 8.0.2 you had to set up an organisation through the Quercus Classic Interface.

In addition to making it easier to set up organisations, it’s also easier to link courses and modules to organisations: in 8.0.2 you could only link individual course or module instances with an organisation. In 8.1 you can still do this but, in addition, you also have the option of associating the entire course or module and automatically including all the inherited instances.

Adding an organisation through Quercus 8.1

From the Control Centre Home page, click the Organisation Smart Link.

Then click the Add Organisation link in the Tasks panel, fill in the organisation’s details and click Save.

Associate the organisation with courses and modules

Once you’ve set up the organisation you can choose the courses and modules that are to be associated with it.

You do this through the Add Course and Add Module options which appear in the Tasks list of the Organisation screen.

Why have we done this?

These changes make it must faster to set up an organisation. You no longer have to leave the Quercus environment and you can quickly add entire courses and modules with a single click. Previously you had to do this on a instance-by-instance basis — this could be very time-consuming if you wanted to assign large groups of course or module instances to an organisation.