LiveLink Case Study<>

Project background

The CampusIT University demo site

The CampusIT demo site, Campus University, is built in WordPress, a popular PHP/MySQL open‑source web content-management system.

The site provides details of the various courses provided by the fictional university, with each course having its own page.

LiveLink integration requirements

1To make it easy for prospective students to apply for courses you will add an Apply Online link to the course information pages. The link will be styled as an eye-catching button.

2The link should appear in the sidebar along with other summary information about the course.

3If the Apply Online service is not available for the course in question you will substitute a More Information button. This will direct prospective students to a page which will encourage them to email or phone the Admissions department for more information about the application process.

Summary of method to be used

Prepare WordPress

1Add a custom field to the WordPress template used to create the course pages.

This custom field will capture the course instance code.

After you have added the field to the template it will be visible on the WordPress Edit Page when you use the appropriate page editing template.

2Add a PHP script to the WordPress sidebar displayed with the page. The script will query the LiveLink XML feed. If the script finds a node in the feed matching the course instance code entered in the custom field it will:

retrieve the URL for Apply Online service associated with the course instance

create an Apply Online button linked to the URL.

The course page sidebar is a dynamic sidebar editable through the WordPress widgets page.

Enable the services and create the course pages

1Enable the Apply Online service for the relevant courses.

2Create the WordPress pages for the courses.

When you create the page you will enter the course instance code in the custom field. The PHP script will use this code to query the LiveLink feed and create the Apply Online button.