JasperReports Server Installation Guide<>

Install and Delete JasperReports Server Components

After installing JasperReports Server, on-premises clients must install the required server components (domains and ad hoc views) so that users can access these components using the Quercus web interface.

Clients might also have to delete existing components before installing the updated components that are bundled with a quarterly release of the product (for example, Ellucian Quercus 8.9).

Note: The Cloud Operations team will complete these tasks on behalf of cloud-based Ellucian Quercus installations.

Install components

To install the JasperReports Server components, you must log on to JasperReports Server and import the ZIP files that contains the required resources for the component you are installing.

You will need administrative or database administrator (DBA) logon credentials for the JasperReports Server, and the ZIP files for the domains and ad hoc views, to successfully complete this task. The ZIP files are provided in the corresponding software update package.

1Log on to the JasperReports Server using your logon credentials.

2Select the Server Settings option from the Manage menu.

3Click the Import option in the vertical Settings menu on the left-hand side of the page.

4Click Browse, and select the Jaspersoft ZIP file for the component (domain or ad hoc view) that you want to import.

You must import all domains first, before importing any ad hoc views.

The Quercus software update package will contain separate folders (in the embedded_reports folder) for domains and ad hoc views, which are named accordingly (domains and adhoc_views, for example). These folders will contain the required ZIP files for each component.

After you select a ZIP file, the name of the file is displayed beside the Browse button and the Import button (at the bottom of the page) is activated.

5Accept or change the import options and click Import.

6Repeat the import operation for every domain and ad hoc view that you want to import.

Delete components

To delete JasperReports Server components (domains, ad hoc views, and reports) you must log on to JasperReports Server (with the required permissions) and delete these components (you must delete ad hoc views first, and then delete the domains).

1Log on to the JasperReports Server as an administrator.

2Click the View tab and select Repository.

3Using the directory structure tree displayed on the right-hand side of the UI, carry out the following steps, in this sequence:

1Open the Public > Reports directory (for every client) and delete all reports.

2Open the Public > Ad Hoc Views directory (for every client) and delete all ad hoc views.

3Open the Public >Domains directory (for every client) and delete all domains.