Introduction to the Quercus Lifecycle Modules<>


The story of Jane

Jane wants to open up new career opportunities by enrolling for an MBA.

She’s reviewing the offerings from a number of institutions — one of which is New College.

Jane has a good feeling about the College. The web site’s easy to navigate and informative. She finds what she needs right-away and it’s easy to compare options and costs. She registers her interest and immediately gets a login and password to a personal area of the site.

It’s a great first impression. It’s obvious to Jane that the College has its act together and has thought hard about what its customers need. She clicks the Apply Now button …

For Jane, a would-be student, the website is the first point of contact with New College. The favourable impression she forms, and the ease with which she can find the information she’s looking for, lead directly to her application. Her initial impressions will be reinforced by her subsequent interactions as a student …

What Jane needs …

If you’re to attract and retain students like Jane it’s vital that the her online experience of your institution is positive and stimulating. It should wrap the full range of your academic offerings within a user experience that’s fun, fast and functional.

Getting it right requires that you deliver a 360-degree view of the institution that’s tailored to Jane’s needs. Can she review the fees associated with the various qualifications? Or create a portfolio of likely courses and have it emailed to her inbox? Can she review modular alternatives to traditional campus-based qualifications ? Can she check the credit she can gain or her existing professional experience?

Step forward the Quercus Lifecycle modules!

The Quercus Lifecycle modules will deliver Jane the services she needs. Fully integrated with the rest of the Quercus functionality, the Quercus Lifecycle modules provide a complete library of components to handle student interactions entirely online — from first inquiry through enrolment, graduation, alumni relations and more.

At the heart of the Lifecycle modules are the innovative service templates. The service templates let you quickly define and automate services using a friendly drag-and-drop graphical interface. Each stage of a service can be customised precisely to your needs. The starting point is our extensive library of out-of-the-box templates which allow you to be up and running with a new offering within hours. Complex services that would have previously taken months to implement are now available ready for lightning-fast implementation. Differences in process within locations, departments and courses can be accommodated with ease. This means that you can tailor services not just to Jane — but to Jeanne, Jenka and Jóna too.

Out-of-the-box templates provide you with everything needed to manage Jane’s online student experience. Not only her initial enquiry and application, but every facet of her subsequent college experience. Each service is rich in features and configuration possibilities and has been designed in collaboration with bodies such as HESA, UCAS and SLC. For a fraction of the cost of in-house development you can have a solid, feature-rich platform designed specifically to meet the needs of educational institutions like your own.