ILR Returns User Guide<>



In Quercus Release 8.2.1 Individualised Learner Record (ILR) information (Learner Details and Learning Aims) can now be entered from the Quercus Core modules. Previously the only route to enter this information was via the Quercus Classic Interface.

You can:

configure the Learner Details (previously updated via the Classic Interface Learner and Learning Aim screens)

configure the Learner Defaults and Learning Aim Defaults (previously updated via the Module Instance and Course Program Detail screens)

propagate values from Defaults tables to Learner and Learning Aim tables

navigate via new Smart Links between the Core module screens and the ILR application

Fields necessary to accommodate the 2013/14 ILR changes have also been added.

Note: ILR Export 2013/14 is not implemented for 8.2.1 Release.