ILR Returns User Guide<>

Entering ILR information for a student

Learner and Learning Aim screens

You enter Learner Details and Learning Aims via a Smart Link from the Student screen.

The ILR data entry process is described below.

To enter ILR Learning Aims

1Click the Students button in the main menu bar.

2Search for a Student and click the View button to access the student’s record.

The Student’s details are displayed.

3Click the ILR Smart Link in the right-hand column.

The Learning Aims screen opens.

4Click the Edit button of a module to go to the Learning Aims screen. You can edit the Learning Aims in this screen.

Note: to delete an aim from a field, click the ‘X’ beneath the field.

Note: if you set up Learning Aim defaults for the module the values of these fields will be pre-populated from the defaults.

Note that the values you enter in this screen will be passed to the ILR XML file when it is subsequently generated. The field entries in the screenshot shown above are highlighted in the learner’s XML record shown below.

    <GivenNames>A1 </GivenNames>
        <AddLine1>19 CHERRY TREE LANE</AddLine1>
      <TelNumber>01482 563888</TelNumber>

5You can edit the HE Details by clicking the HE sub-tab.

To enter ILR Learner Details

1Follow steps 1 to 3above and then click the Learner sub-tab, or if you are in the Learning Aims screen or HE Aims screen, click the Learning Aims breadcrumb link and then click the Learner sub-tab.

The Learner details are displayed.

Note: if you set up Learner defaults for the module the values of these fields will be pre-populated from the defaults.

2Select the required academic session in the drop-down list.

Note: this also changes the academic session for the Learning Aims sub-tab.

3Ensure that the Learning Aims screen is displaying by default the list of Student Curriculum records for the selected student

4In order to go back to the student’s record in Quercus, click the Person Record Smart Link.

To access ILR Learning Aims from the Course sub-tab

1Select the Course sub-tab on the Students screen.

2In the Course sub-tab, select a course by clicking the View button.

The Course Details panel opens for the selected course. An ILR Smart Link appears in the right-hand column.

3Click the link to access the Learning Aims and Learner screens (see Learner and Learning Aim screens).