ILR Returns User Guide<>

Creating an ILR return

What is an ILR return in Quercus?

An ILR return in Quercus consists of all the individual ILRs for a specific survey grouped together into a single XML file. This file can be submitted via the Information Authority’s returns portal to satisfy your obligation to provide the information.

To create an ILR return

1In Quercus Menu, click the ILR Returns smart link.

The ILR Returns screen opens showing the list of ILR returns which have been created.

2 In the Tasks list click Create Return.

Complete the Return details.

3Click Create.

4You are returned to the retruns list.

The new return can be identified by its status of Started.

5After a time refresh the screen. When the return has finished generating the status will turn to ‘Created’.

6Click the download button to download the XML file to your computer.