HESA KIS Returns User Guide<>

Uploading KIS data

Format of data for upload

You can upload KIS data which has been created outside the system providing it is in the KIS XML format (see Data model).

For a course record to be imported successfully the KISCOURSEID must correspond to an existing course code.

If a KIS course record already contains values and the import file also contains a record for the course:

if the Record Locked box is checked on the existing record, the record will NOT be updated

if the Record Locked box is unchecked, only the fields that are empty in the existing record will be updated with new values (in other words values already committed to the database will take priority over the same fields in the input file)

To upload KIS data

1Prepare your XML file for upload.

2From the HESA Courses tab, click the KIS Upload link in the Task list.

3Select the file you wish to upload and click Upload.

4A message will appear informing you of the upload’s status.