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Calculating course results

Running course-level calculators

After all the module results have calculated you can run the course-level calculators across the results of all students who are sitting the course. These take the results of the various modules and calculate the overall grade for the course based upon the rules of your institution.

If individual results are not available or need to be re-entered, you can also subsequently select an individual student and the run the calculator against the results of that particular student.

You can also override the calculated results of the calculator (see Adjusting results during the exam board process). If you do this you should subsequently lock the overridden result and add a note saying why it has been changed. This process normally takes place during the course board review process.

Warning: If you do not lock an overridden result it will revert to the calculated result the next time the calculator is run.

The results obtained by running the course-level calculators form the results which will be reviewed by a course board.

To run the course-level calculators for all the students on a course

1Go into Assessments.

2Select the Courses option.

3Locate the course for which you wish to enter results.

4Click View.

In the example below, the results have yet to be calculated (no results and grades are showing).

You decide to proceed anyway and run the calculators.

5Click the Calculate button in the Tasks panel.

A graph opens showing you how many results can be calculated.

You can also use the filter options to select which students are selected.

For now we will leave the filter at its default settings.

6Click the Calculate button at the foot of the graph pane.

A window opens asking you if you are sure you wish to proceed.

The results are calculated and you are returned to the results screen which now shows the calculated results.

To run the calculator for an individual student

If you want to run the calculator against the results of an individual student you can do so at any point in the results entry process.

1Locate the student’s record from the Assessments search screen and then click View.

2The Student Assessments screen opens showing all the modules the student is currently sitting.

3You are interested in the overall result however, so click the Overall tab.

In the example, there is no result, so you need to run the calculator.

4Run the calculator by clicking Calculate Overall in the Tasks panel and then selecting the course and clicking the orange Calculate button.

The calculated course-level result appears.