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Setting up Funding

The term f unding covers the scenario when an employer provides a lump sum to cover a tranche of student bookings on specific courses.

Example: My training budget for 2015 is €50,000. I wish to allocate this budget across a number of specific courses. Courses which fall outside this range will not be covered.

To set up funding
  1. Click the Set Up Funding option under the Tasks menu.

    The Employers list opens.

  2. Choose the employer.

  3. Select the contact or contacts associated with the funding tranche and click Next.

    The Funding Details screen opens.

    Complete the fields as described below.




Description of the budget, e.g. Quality Assurance Department Training Budget 2016

Start Date

If you put this in the future you will not see the funding in the area where students can book until that date is passed. So if I put January 2016 the courses I put into this bucket will not show until January 2016

End Date

As soon as this date passes the courses come off

Quota Type

Will the budget be calculated based on money or upon the number of registrations? e.g. €25000 or 25 registrations. Most common way is based on registrations.

Monetary Quota

Budget limit (appears if you selected Capacity Type = Monetary)

Registration Quota

Maximum number of registrations allowed (appears if you selected Capacity Type = Number of registrations)

Booking Code

This is a code which you will append to a link on your website which takes students to the Book and Pay registration screen. Click the Random check will generate a code for for you.

Funding Type

Fixed = a fixed amount per employee

Percentage = a percentage of the fee. Note that if the fee is broken down into components must specify a percentage against each component. See below. This picks every fee type that is created in your system as static data. All fee types are shown because it is not possible at this stage (as no courses have been associated with the budget) to say which are in use.

Value Per Employee

Appears if you select Funding Type = Fixed. Allows you to enter a fixed funding value per employee.

Invoicing Type

Quota – we will invoice the organisation for the full amount specified by the Monetary Capacity field

Registrations – we will invoice the organisation as the registrations come in

Fee Category

The default fee category set up against the organisation – you can override it if you belong to the course-providing institute. You cannot change it if you are an employer.

PO Number

The purchase order number.

An example of a completed screen is shown below.

  1. Click Next.

    The Courses screen opens showing available courses.

  2. Choose the courses that you wish to make available under the funding.

  3. Select the courses and click Add to make them available.

    Note that for courses to be visible they must have been made available through the Book and Pay service.

  4. Click Submit and the new budget is created.

  5. If you click into this budget you can see the courses which you added are available.

    Note the URL in the Course Catalogue field.

    This is the link that you need to embed in your website in order to allow students to view the courses and select the courses. The link takes you through to a course selection screen.

If the fees have been set up the student will see the fees they have to pay and the effective discount this represents (the employer’s contribution to the fee).