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Setting up a booking

The institution or the employer can book employees

The course provider (the educational institution) can book employees on a course on behalf of the employer.

Alternatively, the employer can book employees directly providing a staff member is granted access to Quercus. To grant access to the staff member you associate them with a QP_ORG_BOOKING role.

A staff member who is granted this role can then access the Employer Bookings screen. The information which the staff member sees will be confined to his or her own organisation.

To set up a booking for an employer

You are guided through the screens of the booking process by a step-by-step wizard which appears in the right-hand part of the screen (the Tasks area).

The steps of the wizard are:

  • Employer

  • Course

  • Address & Contacts

  • Booking Details

  • Employees

  • Preview

The booking process is described below. The various steps of the wizard are separated by sub-headings.

Employer screen

  1. Click Create Booking.

    A list of Employers opens.

    Note: If the employer is performing the booking, this screen is skipped.

  2. Select the employer.

    The Courses screen opens showing a list of courses available to that employer.

Courses screen

Note: The courses must have been been registered in Book and Pay in order to show here.

The timetable information comes from the Brief Timetable entries which have been recorded against the course instance. You must use Brief Timetable if you want the employer to see when a course is available.

  1. Choose the course you wish to add to the booking and click the Select button.

    The Address and Contacts screen opens.

Address & Contacts screen

The Addresses and Contacts screen allows you to confirm the invoicing address and the contact for the course.

Any existing addresses are pulled from the organisation.

For example, these are the address details for 4D systems …

… and these are the contact details

The contact is simply your main contact for the organisation in matters relating to the course.

  1. To add a new contact click on the Create New link.

  2. Add the details and click Save.

    The contact details are added to the organisation’s record.

  3. Select the invoicing address and contacts and click Next to move to the Booking Details screen.

Booking Details screen

  1. Complete the fields as described below.




The number of employees you expect to enrol for the course.

How many can you register now?

The number of actual attendees can you provide names for now (as opposed to simply holding a place open)? Enter ‘0’ if you don’t know the names of any attendees yet.

Fee category

This defaults to the default fee category that is held against the organisation.

The fees are set up through Programme Manager.

Fees can be set up at course instance level or at module level.

Note that only the course provider can change the fee, The employer can only select the default.

The institution can override this fee but the employer cannot (if the employer is registering the employees). Only the institution can change the fee.

Funding amount

This can be a fixed amount that the organisation is giving the student (e.g. €1000) or it could be a percentage of the fee.

The screen changes if you choose Percentage.

Note that if the course fee is split into elements (e.g. registration, exam, course) there will be multiple choices in this part of the screen.

PO Number

A free text box to put a PO number in against the order.

Booking code

The booking code is used to provide an employee with access to the course.

The code is used to construct the URL that is sent to the employee. When the employee clicks on this URL they are taken to Book and Pay in order to complete their booking.

If you choose the single-use option a unique code is generated for each employee. This prevents an employee redistributing the code and, therefore, gives an employer full control over who registers on the course (they send out a unique code to each selected employer).

Note: the format for the unique code format is set through:

Control Centre Set-up > Parameters > CAMPAIGN_CODE_AUTO_CHARSET

This feature is to ensure that bookings are confined to authorised members of the company.

If you choose Global you can create a code yourself. This is a single code which can be issued to anyone who wishes to book for the course.

  1. Click Next to move to the Employees screen.

Employees screen

  1. You can select from existing employees or you can use the Create New link to add employees.

    You must enter the employee’s email address so that a joining-details email can be sent to the enrolling student. Date of Birth and NI (National Insurance number) are optional.

    After you have selected the employee or added the new employee, he or she is added to the course.

  2. Click Next.

    Note: if you have said you will register (say) three employees on the course the system will give an error if you try to move on from here without registering them.

    After clicking Next you see a confirmation (Preview) screen.

Preview screen

The Preview screen allows you to review the details of the bookings prior to confirmation.

You can send notification emails to employees and to the organisation contact by checking the Send Email To boxes.

These emails let the employer contact know that he or she can go ahead and distribute the booking codes and let the employees know that they can go ahead and complete their registrations.

  1. Review the details and click Submit Booking to submit the bookings.

    The employees are registered and a confirmation screen is displayed.