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Resuming a booking

After creating the initial bookings on a course you may wish to return to the course and resume the process.

A number of options are available:

  • Book additional places

  • Add employees

  • Cancel booking

  • Raise invoice

  • Register employees

These are described below.

Book additional places

This option allows you to increase capacity on the course by adding new places.

Cancel bookings

Allows you to cancel the whole course.

Register Employees

Allows you to register employees without the employees having to self-register through Book and Pay (you are doing it on behalf of the employees).

To resume a booking
  1. Go to the Bookings tab.

  2. Choose your booking from the list and click View/Resume.

  3. Choose from the options in the Tasks list.

    The options you see in the Tasks list will depend on the roles you have on the system.

    Note the Invitation links. These are sent out to users in their registration emails.

    If you click on the Codes tab you can see a list of the currently unused codes. You can send these codes out to individuals when and as you want them to register on the course.

To add employees
  1. In the Task list choose Add Employees.

  2. Choose an unused booking code to send out to the employee prior to employee selection.

    The Employee s selection panel opens.

  3. Select the employee to whom the booking code will be sent.

    Or create a new employee to add to the attendees.

    The employee is added to the list of attendees.

To cancel a booking
  1. In the Task list choose Cancel Booking.

    The Check Impact screen opens allowing you to see how many students will be affected by the cancellation.

  2. Click Next.

    The Communicate screen opens.

    The Communicate screen of the wizard allows you to send an email to all registered students informing them of the decision.

  3. Click Next.

    The Confirm Cancellation screen opens.

  4. Click Confirm Cancellation to complete the cancellation.

    When you run the cancellation step all records associated with the course are removed.

To raise an invoice
  1. In the Bookings > Task panel select Raise Invoice.

  2. The Invoice screen opens.

  3. Enter the invoice details.

  4. Click Create to create the invoice.

    In the example above, the generated invoice covers the ten reserved places and the four currently-reserved students.

  5. Click Return to return to the Dashboard.

    Note: If the fees are shared between the student and the employer, the invoice generated is minus the student’s share. The students will pay their share via Book and Pay.

    If you return to the Dashboard after generating the invoice you will see that the unpaid invoices total has increased.

To register employees
  1. From the Tasks menu choose Register Employees.

    The Register Employees screen opens.

  2. Select the employees you wish to register.

  3. Click the Register button.

    This moves their status to registered.

    Note: a placeholder’s status is always provisional and you cannot change this.