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Recording Invoice Payments

After an invoice has been issued you can record any payments against it.

This is done through the Classic Interface through Fees/Sponsorship.

To record a payment
  1. In the Classic Interface go to Fees/Sponsorship > Sponsorship > Maintain Sponsors Invoice.

    The Funding Invoice screen opens.

  2. From here you can maintain or pay the invoice.

  3. Click Pay Invoice.

    The Student Funding Detail form opens.

  4. Use the search option to locate the organisation invoiced (the Funding Authority).

  5. Click the Open Record icon to view a list of invoices issued to the organisation.

  6. Check the invoice against which you wish to record a payment.

  7. Click the Pay Invoice button.

    Note: if the invoice has not been printed you will not be able to pay it and you will receive an error message.

  8. If the invoice has been printed, check the Pay box.

    The row turns red.

  9. Click Pay Invoice.

    The Student Funding Detail form opens.

  10. Enter a cheque number if you wish.

  11. Click Pay Invoice.

    The payments are broken out against the individual accounts of the various students.

  12. Click Save to record the payment.

    The amount of unpaid invoices shown on the Dashboard is reduced by the amount of the paid invoice.

To print an invoice
  1. On the top menu click Invoices.

    In the first entry above we can see that the status says Invoice Print Status rather than Invoice Printed.

  2. Click the View/Edit icon of the unprinted invoice.

    The Invoice Properties screen opens.

  3. Click Next.

    The Invoice Details screen opens.

  4. In the Tasks list click Print Invoice.

    A window opens allowing you to print the invoice.

  5. The status of invoice changes to Invoice Printed.